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Bàn phím Mistel Barocco Black

  • Tình trạng: New
  • Nhà sản xuất: Mistel
  • Loại: Gaming Gear

Giá : 3.600.000 đ (Giá trên đã bao gồm VAT)

Bàn phím Mistel Bar

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Barocco is a split keyboard. The separation keyboard is designed with ergonomic considerations to meet all kinds of usage needs, allowing you to feel more comfortable when during usage. Even under prolonged use, it can minimize wrist discomfort.

There are two blank keys on the Barocco split keyboard. Using its Marco features, you can change one of the blank keys into a function that you often use, for example, Enter / Backspace and Delete.

The right side of the keyboard can be used alone, or you can use the Marco layer editing function to set the keys on the left side of the keyboard onto the right side of the keyboard, so that the right side of the keyboard can be used as a fully functional keyboard.

The external design is very compact in size, easy to carry, and the right side of the keyboard can be carried out and used alone.

You can use the number pad along with the split keyboard to enhance its features.
The entire keyboard is designed with Marco functions so that you can define your own keys, making it very easy to use.
​PBT Keycap, along with the Ray carving on the front and side keycap allows the user to easily understand its operating functions.
​You can switch to different layouts, such as Qwerty; Dvorak; Colemak.


Model name: MD600
Product name: Barocco
Keyboard layout: ANSI/ISO
Number of Key: 62/63 KEYS
Keycap: PBT keycap
Case color: Black or White
Key switch: Cherry MX switch
LED Backlit: NO
Marco function: Yes
Polling Rate: 1000Mhz
Matrix: NKRO
Media: Yes
On board memory: Yes
Dimension: L295.5 X W124.5 XH 39.5 mm
Weight: 485g
Made in Taiwan


Mistel ABS/TPR Plastic double shot Keypuller

Orange color Enter key
Mini USB Cable x1pcs

Micro USB X1 pcs


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